Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yamato new offspring: 1:60 VF-19 Fire Valkyrie!

A while ago, Yamato announced that they are doing the VF-19 Fire Valk from the Macross 7 series, and the Macross community received the news with mixed feelings. Being almost similar in design with the previously released and notoriously floppy YF-19, fans are not convinced Yamato can deliver the goods.

Well, in answer to some of the harsh criticism, the Yamato Japan website released new pics, with the Battroid mode doing a one-legged standing pose! Now, that speak zillions in terms of articulation, joint tightness and balance!

Just take a look at the pics below:

Err...don't ask why the color is so 'loud', it's in the anime As for me, only its steep price (estimated at rm 750 plus) keeps me from giving this toy a 'must-buy' label....just have to wait for the x'mas sales I suppose.

See ya all next entry!