Wednesday, November 24, 2010

To friend...or to 'unfriend'...

Assalamualaikum to everyone and to no one....just like to start a new day with well wishes.

Aku sebenarnya orang yang malas nak mencoret-coret; baik di diari, baik di blog. Tetapi, bila pikio balik, apa lagi legacy aku? Aku bukan orang besar2 yang ada contribute pada ekonomi negara...just an average joe going thru phases of his life. So might as well start ranting...

Kawan. A simple word, but with it come all the mixed feelings...tired, happy, bored, excited, angry, cherish....etc, etc. Sejak aku kecik kenal dunia, sampai sekarang dah title duda anak dua, dah macam2 jenis kawan aku jumpa. Kawan dunia akhirat, kawan ketawa, kawan makan kawan, kawan sajer2, kawan pening kapla, kawan ada makna.....

Kenapa aku tetiba nak citer pasal hal ni? Well, nak luahkan apa yg terbuku sebenarnya. Aku ni jenis kawan sumer org. Tak kira la ada org citer dia tu baik ka, kaya ka, miskin ka, mangkuk hayun ka....I try not to judge people, bior aku sendiri experience depa mcm mana, then I'll decide based on THEIR actions.

Tetapi, kenapa depa suka sgt try my patience? I'm not perfect, I have faults, granted...tapi depa tu perfect sangat ka? Hidup depa terlampau mulia ka? Kekadang perangai sesetengah 'sampah-sarap' ni buat aku jelak nak berkawan, tapi I still manage to keep things in positive view. Nasib baiklah kawan2 yg 'plus' outweight yang 'negative', so aku masih boleh cope.

haih....nak wat camna, aku ni sebesar hama je di dunia Allah ni, terima je kejadianNya dan ketentuanNya. Selagi iman masih di dada, aku akan cuba maintain diri aku seadanya. Aku takkan biarkan dua-tiga ketul hampagas ni change the way I am. So, let's walk hand in hand towards the future...cewahhhhh!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Short Review On SHF Kamen Rider Faiz

Hi alls! KR fans especially, though i am not what they call 'hardcore fan', but I just love what Bandai has produced for its Figuarts toy line.

So for today, I'll do another short review on a figuarts kr, and this time it's none other than the ultra cool Kamen Rider Faiz! :mrgreen: This character has been issued before on the SHS line, but that line sux, for me that is, so I have been hoping SHF will pick up this character; and now here he is!

Takumi Inui is the main rider utilising the Faiz Gear ( I mention 'main', coz this has got to be the only show where the belts got stolen so many times! ), and man, did he wear it with style!

Kay, enough ranting!


This figure came in standard Figuarts box, with transparent window at the front. The black color though make the packaging standout among other more generic figuarts standard silver box. At the back as usual, are pictures depicting Faiz in various, signature pose. Simple, functional but elegant.

The toy itself is held in place in the usual plastic tray. Accessories are quite generous; 3 open palms, 2 extra Faiz Driver, 1 fist with Faiz Shot, Faiz Pointer, Faiz Edge, Faiz Phone, Faiz Phone Blaster, including one with long range sniping mode.


The figure is great representation of the tv series hero. I see nothing wrong here. The 'eye' is translucent yellow, and the shark-fin motive is made of rubbery plastic, so no worries of them breaking off. The red 'photon blood' stream running thru the entire body is also nicely painted, no paint smearing.
On the fingers and part of the torso, the ridges are cleanly sulpted. The silver armor is just nice, all in the right shade. The inner thigh on my figure though, the black part are a little bit rough...a worker in a hurry to get to a date maybe?

Overall, it is a good sculpt.


Hey, this is Figuarts we are talking about...and as far as they go, articulations are always their strong point, KR Faiz is no exception! The figures joint are just tight enough to hold a pose, yet just loose enough so that you can put it through various action poses.
And the die cast feet made it possible for this figure to just stand on one leg. I have fun playing with this figure, and with the price retailing just around RM115, this more than worth the money.

This pose was made without any support or stand...that's how stable this figure is!


What can I say? My favourite kamen rider finally on Figuarts; I can unbiasely give it a 4.5/5. The .5 is because of the worn finish i mentioned on the inner thigh....other than that, perfect!

Now just got to wait for SHF to come out with Autovajin.....

Monday, November 22, 2010

Selamat AidilAdha

Ah....lama tak update sini. I more or less dah mula nak get back on track with my life, so hopefully I will start posting on my toys.

As to current event, my mom will be back this 28th November from her Haj pilgrimage. I pray for her good health and safe journey.

We all miss you, mom!