Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yammie Love ( blatantly ripped off from Puppy Love, lol!)

This is too funny for me to let pass. The original song, Puppy Love, was sung by Paul Anka in the 60's. According to wikipedia, the lyrics relate the plight of a seventeen-year-old taunted by accusations that feelings for his/her beau are "puppy love", ending with the refrain "How can I ever tell them this is not a puppy love?" .

Well, a good friend of mine, Gordon Sim, who is also a fan of Macross, have quite a beef with Yamato, the current producer of Macross toys. Their product quality sometimes sux, which lead to my friend's lamentation. This bastardization of the song Puppy Love is aptly named: Yammie Love! Hit it, Gordon! XD

And they call it yammie love

oh i guess they'll never know

how a broken valk really feels

and why i'd still love them so

And they called it yammie love

just because they're a small company

Tell them all please tell them it isn't fair

to waste my monthly pay

I cry each night

my tears for stressmarks

broken parts, plastik in pain

i hope and i pray that maybe one day

they'll sell a version 2 once again

(Chorus x2)

Someone tell me please

is there answer from japan

how can i tell them oh how can i tell them

This is not a yammie love

*Credits to Gordon Sim for the funny lyrics. (At least I think he write this)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


A South African delegate visits Russia on a State visit.

One evening, after dinner, the host of the party invites the South African delegate to participate in the game of Russian Roulette. Before he got a chance to answer, he was drawn into a sideroom. Here he was given a gun with only one bullet in the magazine. He was instructed to spin the magazine, point the gun at his head and shoot.

Now obviously he did not wish to carry out this dangerous sport but he did so as for not to offend to Russian's "ritual". Luckily he did not get the bullet but was clearly very shaken by the experience. Some time later the very same Russian paid a return visit to South Africa. Now the South African felt that he could get his own back so he drew the latter into a side room. "Now it your time to play SOUTH AFRICA'S roulette. Go into this room and there you will find seven women. Any one of these will give you a Blowjob...""So, what's the catch?" asked the Russian....

".... one of them is a cannibal!!!!"

Monday, May 9, 2011

HotToys IM2 Mark VI

Hi all fellow friends and collectors! Guess what? I finally received my Mark VI!! Wohoooo.....

Heheh, yeah, so what..... jumpstart those who are new to this collectible arena, HotToys is a Hong Kong based company which specialises in producing 1/6 scaled figures, from movies and videogames. So far their products are of high quality, hence sought after by all collectors.

I already got my War Machine ( see past review ), so it's only logical for me to get the main suit from the Iron Man 2 movie, the MARK VI! Without further ado, let's proceed...


The packaging is almost similar to War Machine's, with the outer box-sleeve depicting the character. Metallic finish gives it that exclusive feel...

I said similar, because this time, a special base is also given, to recreate the final scene where Mark VI and War Machine goes up against Whiplash and the Hammertech Drones. Cool!


Optional battle damage armor, extra base, extra palm/fists including a pair with articulated fingers, Tony Stark head in armor makes this a worthwhile collection. One point of caution; the 'function stick' supplied is TRANSPARENT in color, so if you are not careful while taking out the manual, you might drop and lose have been warned... :P

Display Stand and Action Base

Tony Stark's head. Excellent sculpt.


Overall design is superb. Almost 100% likeness of the movie hero. Articulation is not really the high point since this figure is made more for display value. Having said that, the available range of motion is impressive enough. I'll show you later on.

Mask on, mask off! I could swear that's Tony Stark/Robert Downey Jr. himself wearing the armor.

LED on both palms, head and chest.

Okay, remember what I said about the range of motion? See the hip? It's actually extendable, you can twist the body at almost 45degree angle all around, making more dynamic poses possible! I just love this feature. And the groin armor it actually made of flexible material, I think rubber, so that it does not interfere much with the leg articulation. Great job!

For those who are into photography, you will know joy with this figure... ;)

"I promote world peace!", or is it," Teh tarik duer, buih lebih!"

To those who thinks that Mark VI wimped out to War Machine's arsenal, fret not, cause this suit comes fully loaded, babey! Take a look at above pics.

At the hips is the hidden chaff/flare dispenser. A simple twist will activate or deactivate the device. But on my unit, the left part is a bit problematic. See the 'thorny' parts there? It tend to stick out with even the slightest twist and turn on the thigh. I heard from a friend of mine,, this is a common issue though.

Another nice gimmick is the flaps on the back and leg calf. My complaint is that the large back flaps could not stay flush with the main body...but nothing serious.

Pairing it with HotToys War Machine.....absolute fun!

Now, let's look at the 'battle damage' option parts, ok? ;)

'Battle damaged' MK VI


Chest armor

Right and left arm.

Thigh armor.

Here is the overall look with all the optional battle damage armors installed. I guess this is where HotToys really excell, since with this nice addition, you can get TWO whole new look with just one figure! And the addition of the diorama-stand really spice up the display. I have a whole lot of fun just taking pictures for this review. XD

I guess that's it then. I try to be really short and straight to the point, so that I do not bore you with tiny, nerdy details...haha! Out of 5, I confidently give this figure a 4.5/5. If not because of the minor issues, Hottoys could have made the perfect score. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Go get one already!

" You don't wanna regret missing us in your collection, pal....."

Sunday, May 8, 2011 is now linked!

Hi alls! If you noticed, there's a new link added on the right side bar, just above the nuffnang add. It links to a website,! ;)

This website specialises in RC toys like cars, trains, planes, helicopters and also other assortment of toys! Another nice feature is you can select to browse in according to your budget.

Feel free to visit with no obligation! Cheers!