Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yammie Love ( blatantly ripped off from Puppy Love, lol!)

This is too funny for me to let pass. The original song, Puppy Love, was sung by Paul Anka in the 60's. According to wikipedia, the lyrics relate the plight of a seventeen-year-old taunted by accusations that feelings for his/her beau are "puppy love", ending with the refrain "How can I ever tell them this is not a puppy love?" .

Well, a good friend of mine, Gordon Sim, who is also a fan of Macross, have quite a beef with Yamato, the current producer of Macross toys. Their product quality sometimes sux, which lead to my friend's lamentation. This bastardization of the song Puppy Love is aptly named: Yammie Love! Hit it, Gordon! XD

And they call it yammie love

oh i guess they'll never know

how a broken valk really feels

and why i'd still love them so

And they called it yammie love

just because they're a small company

Tell them all please tell them it isn't fair

to waste my monthly pay

I cry each night

my tears for stressmarks

broken parts, plastik in pain

i hope and i pray that maybe one day

they'll sell a version 2 once again

(Chorus x2)

Someone tell me please

is there answer from japan

how can i tell them oh how can i tell them

This is not a yammie love

*Credits to Gordon Sim for the funny lyrics. (At least I think he write this)

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