Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hobbylink Japan can suck my toe!

Just nak share pengalaman buruk aku deal dgn

Memang aku tak selalu beli dari diorang, tapi aku standby just in case supplier aku yg lain habis stock. Lagipun, year end sale depa kadang2 dapat barang bagus.

Sayangnya, sejak bisnes depa berkembang, depa dah makin besar kepala; customer kecik2 cam aku ni depa layan cam nak tak nak je....fine, i'll just take my business elsewhere!

Sini aku lampirkan email aku dgn diorang:

I was trying to login to my account, when I was presented with this message:

"The account associated with that login has been suspended due to a violation of our service terms and conditions. If you believe this to be in error, or would like more information about this suspension, please contact our customer service department for assistance."

As I have not recently made any order from your website, can you please explain in detail what VIOLATION did I make?

Thank you in advance.

Thanks for writing.

You share an address with a customer who has committed credit card fraud against us; as such, we are very sorry, but we will not be able to fill your order now or at any time in the future. Please find another supplier for your hobby needs.

Thanks for your interest in HobbyLink Japan.


Corky Visminas
HLJ Customer Service

First of all, thank you for your reply.

However, I find your reply quite rude.
First of all, none of you send me any emails to clarify on this matter.

Second of all, I DO NOT own any credit card!!!

I might have let this matter pass, but since you so arrogantly dismiss me as your customer, I'll make sure ALL my collector friends in Malaysia and in Macrossworld know about this insult.

Also, another of my friend is also facing this problem, and yet, he's using a legitimate credit card!

Thanks but no thanks!

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space565 said...

Salam..Hobby Link ini kira betul la boleh beli barang2 dia semua dan post ke Malaysia? selain Hobby Link laman web apa lagi untuk order barang terutamanya Tamiya Mini 4wd? laman web yang boleh dipercayai.. nie ok tak?