Thursday, August 21, 2008

So...What is paintball?

Whoa...before I continue with my story, many would ask, what the heck is that?
Well, make things simple, basically it is a form of extreme sport that involves 2 more players, each equipped with a marker ( its the gun, but we don't call it that... ), a facemask, some pellets ( paint filled 'bullets' ) annndddd...that's it! ( oh...a vest if u need one...we machos never use them! Ouch! )

Currently in Malaysia, there are two types of paintball game that are popular:
1. Speedball

Normally played on a field, indoor or outdoor, with bunkers and two teams playing against each other. Could be capture the flag, Elimination, depending on the organiser. Below is the pic for the gears commonly used.

a. The facemasks

b. The markers set

c. The suit

d. The gloves

e. The boots

Well, nuff said.
Later, I will show u my current fav...Woodsball!!!

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