Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Something to look forward to....

Hi alls....

Been sometime since I last posted here...yeah. Hehe, lazy as usual, but I think my entries this year are more than previous years.

It's been almost two years since my divorce, and know what? The world has not ended! Those of you who knew my story understand the situation. Those who not, well...let's just say I'm an emotional wreck at that time.

Time has proven that any wound will heal, you just have to soldier through. Make do with what you have coz the world would not stop just for you...once you missed the bus, wait for the next one bro!

And I'm glad that I strived to pick up the pieces, coz along the way, someone stayed to help me with the mess. She does not mind who I am at that time, nor who I am now....just what I mean to her matters. I am touched by her sincereness ( is that the correct word? ), able to see me through my mask of hard armor, and her willingness to share my pain and struggle.

This post is dedicated to that person, Renny bt Jamil. Eny, so many things in my head and my heart want to explode out and tell you how I feel for you, and what you mean to me......but when I talk to much, I tend to put my foot in my mouth. So, I'll just say... I Love You.


evilrOse said...
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Anonymous said...

ghupenyer...... ;-)

*eyh,,jgn lufe jemfut knduri ekk..
bwu tgk blog dia td,,nice karangan..

evilrOse said...

aishiteru :)