Friday, February 18, 2011

SHF Kamen Rider Kabuto : Hyper Form (Review)

Hi guys and gals, fellow riders....(as if I have a lot of followers :P).

The first Kamen Rider show I watched the complete season was Kabuto. I find the main riders design are quite intriguing and smart, using insects as their motif which I assume a homage to the first riders of the Showa Era.

And not suprisingly, Kabuto was the first SHF I bought! Excellent toy, though the absence of its Hyper Form keep his fans waiting. Now wait no more! Finally, Kabuto Hyper Form is here! *Cheers! *Applaude! it worth the wait...and most importantly...worth the high price since Yen is higher than RM nowadays? Let's find out.


Bandai now seems to package its SHF KR figures base on the main color scheme, I think started with Kamen Rider Double toy line. Hyper Kabuto is no exception; no longer the plain silver boxes, this figure came in a bright red box! As a collector myself, this is a great thought from Bandai since when I stack the boxes now, they are all so colorful and not to mention, easier to find your favourite rider.

Inside, as usual the figure and its accessories are packed inside a clear, plastic tray.


This figure comes with nice accessories, justifying its higher than usual price tag.
Included in the package, is the optional palms, including one for making the famous "My Grandma says..." pose. :P

Also included is the arms and legs fins; I would have liked for the fins to be integrated into the figure, but given the limitation on what one can put into such a small figure, I just have to be happy with the alternative.

Of course, the Perfect Zectre is included, which can be formed into the gun mode or the sword mode. Incredible details here, no doubt about it.

The translucent 'energy wing' is also provided, so that you can recreate the final attack pose.


As what one can expect from the Figuarts line, sculpt and paintjob is on a scale from good to excellent! Proportion wise, I have no complaint. Every detail on the armor is recreated as close to the actual figure as possible. Though it's not without flaw; you will notice that the eye is blue, when in the show, it's more turqoise or green. Also, the hyper zecter is uncolored, unlike the one released with SHF Caucasus. Minor to some, major issue to others.

The 'open' or 'burst' mode is impressive:


What can I add here; SHF is all about articulation! Recreating your favourite hero action pose as accurate as possible. All the joints here are nicely firm and cooperative, giving you as much movement and position as possible.

One thing more die-cast feet and rocker joints.... Due to reasons unknown to me, Bandai decided to give most of their new SHFs ball joints and plastic feet. Seriously lame in my book.

He can still make the one-legged 'Rida-Kicku!'....but man! You have to really balance it just right, AND DO NOT BREATHE! Bring back the solid, die cast, rocker jointed feet Bandai!


Besides it's few shortcomings, there is no doubt this figure is a must for a KR fan. Poseability, great looking and now, almost sold out in the local market. I'll give it 4/5, a bit below SHF Accel and Accel Trial which is still the best overall for me.

And like grandma always say,"Those who buy me first, regrets last or no regret at all..." XD


Anonymous said...

kacak nye

boyarque said...

who? meeeeeee..? Awwwww...

Wan de REAL said...

cun jugak menatang ni heheh..ko ada ke ni Izal?

boyarque said...

Wan: Yup, semua yg aku review adalah yg dalam koleksi aku, heheehe... tapi mmg seyes best menatang SHF ni...