Thursday, February 24, 2011

Review : Transformers PowerCore Combiners SMOLDER with CHOPSTER

Well met again, fellow collectors, be you boy or girl! Well today is a bit different; I am going to review on a transformer toy. It has been a while since I picked up a Transformers toy. Since I still had my Toys R Us voucher yesterday, I thought why not get one cheap transformers?

So, I found these Powercore Combiners toyline on the shelf, quite cheap and after using my voucher, it's almost a steal! Powercore Combiners is actually a toy where we need to combine 4 other drones with the main commander unit. Cool concept, except that the drones do not transform.....bummer...

Well, its saving grace is the accompanying Mini-con, which has high playability value, I'll elaborate later. My pick is one of the baddies ( why does the bad guys always get the cool looks? ), Smolder.


Packaging is the standard fare of a toy its size, adequate and functional. The toy came in its robot form, while the graphic at the bottom depict its vehicle form.

No other accessories, just Smolder and his minicon, Chopster and an instruction manual.

One nice thing to mention though...upon close look, I found that Hasbro no longer use the plastic wire to secure the toy. Instead they used rolled-up paper, which once it served its purpose, can be thrown away and would not be a nuisance to the eco-system since it is bio-degradeable! Plus 1 for Hasbro!


Being a rather low-end toy, there's nothing to shout about here. But I really love the design here since it reminds me of the 80's Gobot toys....if only they still use die-cast like the good. old days.

Sloppy painjob on Chopsters face though...heheheh..

The alternate mode, a fire truck is nice. Not as detail as the higher-end model, but like I mentioned just now, reminds me of Gobot era. The rear end looks unfinished to me... (u_u)...
His companion, Chopster shines in this department. Able to assume multiple forms, he adds play value to an already good toy. He can transform as an add-on to Smolder, or transform into a battleaxe, a gun and of course, his robot self.

For a toy this size, articulation is good and functional. You can create many poses with him, and with Chopster as a great play partner. I am really satisfied with this toy, and who knows, I might pick up another one later.
And transforming him is a breeze, I don't even need the manual the first time. Something that you and your kids would enjoy playing together.


Get it for the fun time you will have playing.
Well...that's it then.....cheerio!

"Let's go home, kiddo..."


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