Monday, March 7, 2011


Hi alls! How many of you actually read my review, I will never know nor do I bother... I made these review just for my enjoyment since I love taking pictures of toys/collections. One day I might sell them off, so I might as well immortalise them in my blog.... Well, enough blabbering. On to the star of today's entry!


I won't bother with the introduction, since most ardent fans would already know him. But in case some of you are wondering, here's a link:

I already got the Kamen Rider Accel and already did a review on him. Basically Accel Trial is the same rider, but in a power up version. In this form, he sacrifices armor and power for speed, in which case if he can land thousands of kicks at one spot in a short time, chances are the enemy's defences will break!


Being an exclusive, this figure is shipped together with the brown mailer box. If you ask me, other than protecting the valuable toy inside, it also serves as a 'bragging'!

Inside, the figure is packaged in bright, blue box, depicting its character at the front and its various poses at the back, the usual stuff.

The figure itself is held in place securely by the plastic tray. A basic instruction is also included as with other figures.


Other than the closed fists attached to the figure, 8 other optional fists/palms are included so that you can recreate the action poses of this kamen rider. Those who watched the show can re-enact his many action poses, which I also like to do... :P

Other than the fists, there are also the Accel Driver, Trial Memory and the Engine Blade. As always, minute detail and excellent paint job overall.


At first I thought Accel Trial is just a repaint of Accel, but boy! Am I suprised! In a pleasant way of course. The motif for Kamen Rider Accel Trial is motocross and the letter 'A' I was told. And looking at the head sculpt, it does resemble a motocross helmet. They eyelense are sculpted separate from the head, a standarad fare from figuarts, which is excellent! Under right lighting, you can even see the details behind the lense!

Paintjob is what you can expect from Figuarts, as also the detailing on the figure. One main difference I can see between this figure and Accel figure, is the head can now turn all the way to the right or left...since Accel Trial does not have the hindering neck armor like Accel has.

Also, this figure still maintain the die-cast joint and consequently the die-cast feet, thus giving it incredible balance in posing. Shame Bandai decides to use ball joints on its latter figures..... :(


Despite being almost similar to Figuarts Accel, this figure is of its own. Superb finish, well balanced, as articulated as any figuarts can be, the only gripe from me is the price...but hey! It's an you wanna collect SHF? Gotta pay the price bro...or sis, depending on who you are....

So, I would give this figure an overall 4.5/5 score....shame he did not have a bike in Rider format, since the human character rides a cool bike himself!

Yeah...thumbs up baby! XD