Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Top 10 Toy List For 2010

Well, already we are in the year 2011. 2010 has been quite a year for me, with some quite significant 'hauls'...heheeheh! After I visited a blog by a friend of mine,My World Of Madness, I thought well, I've got to do my own list. So, for my pleasure and for your valued viewing, I present you my TOP 10 toys for 2010!

# 10:

SHF Kabuto, the one that starts it all. Amazed by the level of detail and articulation on such a small figure ( almost 6" ), convinces me that the Kamen Rider Figuarts line is worth having for its play and display value. "Clock UP!"

# 9 :

1/60 Yamato VF-11B, one of the best mold in all 3 modes, deserves this spot because of its high value (RRP at RM 700), but managed to get this during sale for only RM400 plus!

# 8 :

MG 1/100 Zeta Plus C1 type, kit ni dah agak rare sebab Bandai belum buat rerun utk model ini. Jumpa kat kedai auntie dgn harga pra-inflasi, dan walaupun teknologi utk kit ini agak ketinggalan, tapi adequate utk jadikan model ni nampak garang. I sangat loike!

# 7 :

Yamato 1/48 VF-1A Low Visibility Ver 1, satu variasi yg sgt rare, painjob dan weathering dianggap tercantik dalam siri valk ini. Manage utk dapatkan at half its current market value. No regrets!

# 6 :

Nah! SHF FAIZ! My favourite rider for the heisei era, both rider and human form! Released in the SHS format not so long ago, I have high confidence the Figuarts version is going to come out in 2010, and I was right! Now have to wait for his Autovajin to make him....COMPLETE!

# 5 :

Yamato 1/60 VF-0S Roy Focker Custom. Ever since I watched the anime back in 2005, I've been wanting this toy for as long as I care to remember. Financial problems, mold defects and pure badluck hindered me. SO when a re-issue was announced and released, I wasted no time to say the magic word...PO SECURED! This toy is so wonderful in sculpt and design, the only thing that holds it from being number 1 is the QC problem with the metal bar on the backplate, which has been assembled wrongly.

# 4 :

Bandai Robot Spirit VB-6 Konig Monster. A total retool from the earrlier Yamato effort, this toy can be said to hit it spot on! Metal parts for joints ensure tight fitting and strength where it matters most. And it's heavy to boot! Mine being the SP version, comes loaded with extras like the island base, Sheryl's Credit Card and few others.

# 3 :

Yamato 1/60 VF-0A Unknown, same quality as #5, but better QC this time.

# 2 :

Yamato 1/48 VF-1J Stealth Valk with Super & Strike Parts. What can I say? One of the rarest valks, second only two the low-vis, and equipped with the strike parts that matches it overall paint scheme! Been hunting all this while, when lo and behold, this was just across our southern border...Looks menacing in all 3 modes! Nuff said.

# 1:

Here it is folks! One of the best toy to come out from Yamato...Patlabor 1/24 AV-98 Ingram 1st! Meticulously packaged in vintage-style styrofoam box, exquisitely covered with silk cloth, comes loaded with accessories and gimmicks, crafted from high quality materials...and standing proud at 13 inches tall!!! Man, you just gotta hold it in ur hands to appreciate its beauty! Totally 'drool'able! Ooohh....look at the blinking lights.... :shock:

There you have it! My top 10! Until next time!


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