Wednesday, January 5, 2011

SHF Kamen Rider Kiva- Emperor Form

Hi all guys and gals, fellow toylovers/toyhunters! I'm back again with another Figuarts Kamen Rider to review, and this time it's the Kiva Emperor Form.

First of all, I haven't got the chance to watch the show yet, even now, I'm catching up to KR W while still following Kamen Rider OOO (pronounced 'OZ'). But I do like the motif of the figure which is based on a, get this.....PUMPKIN!! Yeah, that's right folks, according to the show creator, the head was actually based on the Halloween Pumpkinhead. Well, enough about that, let's get on with the review.
As usual, I'll start with the packaging the toy's in.

Firstly, the box is nicely colored to match the main colors of this figure. The bos is also thicker than usual, this is probably due to the Emperor armor as can be seen by the below picture:


As can be seen, this figure is packaged together with 3 pairs of hand/fist, extra capes to extend the cape on Kiva's back, and of course the Zanvat Sword.

His belts already houses the Kivat and the Fuestles ( to summon his attack forms ).


As usual, I'm impressed with the level of details Bandai managed to squeeze into the 6" figure. The gold armor is I've read people rambling about it not being gold enough.

Also the details are excellently done in my opinion, as shown by the sample pics below:

Even the head sculpt is beautifully detailed, and I love the design of the compound eye which is the trademark of the Kamen Rider franchise. Am I right to say that Kiva has the largest eyes of all Kamen Riders?Also details on the Tatsulot (correct?). Also all paintjobs are superbly done without any paint overflowing.

For Figuarts, articulation can be say almost legendary. Various poses can be made, making this a fun toy to play and to take photographs. Though for this figure, I found out it's stability standing up is not as good as other figuarts. Then I realised, the foot is using ball joint at the ankles! Well, this might be because of the design of the leg and the leg armor.

Other than that, I have fun playing with this figure.
So, what's the score? Well, I gotta say, other than the excellent sculpt and paintjob, the looseness of the ankle annoys me. I'll give it a 3.5/5.
Till next review!

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