Tuesday, December 14, 2010

HotToys IM2 War Machine

Hi alls! K, this is my first 1/6 scale figure so if there's anything lacking with my review, I humbly apologise. In fact, as most of my friends already know, I'm more of a 'mecha' guy...and the next 1/6 figure is probably gonna be IM2 Mark VI, that's it. Being an ardent collector of Yamato Macross, that already takes a huge cake out of my disosable income...lol!

K, let's get on with it!


First of all, the outer package is a cardboard sleeve, printed at the front with the image of War Machine. The finish is glossy and does not feels cheap. I've heard HT fans complaining that War Machine's packaging is a bit stingy, but maybe I am just more forgiving...heh..

Next, when you remove the outer sleeve, the toy itself is protected in a windowed box. There's some credits given to the designers and sculptors of the toy at the back of the box. While inside, the toy is secure in a plastic tray with cover. Pretty neat if you ask me.


The accesories included with this figure is impressive! 3 sets of extra palm, and 1 set is made with articulated fingers! You can pose the finger anyhow you wanted it. There is also an extra, open faced head with detachable faceplate. Also included, a stand, the minigun, its ammo belt, the anti-climatic 'Ex-Wife' missile (heh), and the dual assault rifle attachable to both forearm. All the weapons are nicely sculpted with excellent detailing.

Now, for the design of the toy itself, I have no complaint. Almost accurate to the movie representation, I must say.

Being a 12" figure, the details are nicely sculpted on and the paintjob, I must say, is excellent! Just the right touch of matte black for the utilitarian, military look. His chest reactor and palm repulsor ray light up brightly, and his eyes dark red. A word of advice here; in my War Machine, I found out that the red light does not turn off completely although I have turn off the switch. So keep the plastic inhibitor to save your battery life.
And talking about sculpt, I've got to say, HT have got it right this time!

HT have included an extra head with detachable visor, and the likeness of Don Cheadle is amazing! Even down to the skin texture. Some have complained that the skin tone should be darker, but I would not go that far....picky lot, y'all! XD

Even the inside of the visor is detailed!


Seems like articulation is not HT's forte, though they are acceptable and functional. One cannot expect articulation with the level of, say, Figuarts, but WM is still poseable, in a limited sense. But I do find the head inability to turn 90 degree left or right bit annoying....

Hehehe...Don's pic says it all. It may not be the perfect toy, but it is a great one. Worth every cent I paid for it. If you can get it for RM650 or below, just quickly buy it before he is beyond your reach....

War Machine with all its glory..."Come and get some!!"

Till next review...


Mohd. Shuhaimi Shuib said...

Boyarque powwerrrr!

boyarque said...

saper? sape boyarque tu? power betol ke dia? :P

Dint said...

aby boy mengganas ni..
suda main 1/6
dah masok mainstream..!!!

Razmanshah said...

ooo, boyak dah melangkau ke alam 1/6. dulu kata x mau. hehehe

boyarque said...

Man, aku nak war machine je, bukan 1/6...heheehehe...

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

memang one of the hottest toy...terbaekkk