Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Macross @ Comic Fiesta 2010

Well guys, fellow pioneers, it's like that time of year again!
It's an event where all cosplayers, doujishin, toy exhibitors gather and showcase their forte...well, mostly from the japanese scene. Why none from the westerh hemisphere? Hey, beats me, why dun cha ask them yourselves? Hajime, sebelum ko ranting, aku tak racist pada ko k? Hahahaah....(sebbek dah kaber line)
Well, I'm gonna be there with my meagre Macross collection, and of course some of my fellow collectors will be there too.
I love these events as it let me be myself, free to mingle around without caring what people think of me. Hey, and I love making new friends....not to be confused with 'I'm making love with new friends'. HAH!
The event is gonna be held on the 18th & 19th December 2010, at Berjaya Time Square Hotel, the ballroom at 14th floor. For details, you all better flock over to this site:
Well, looking forward to see you all there! Cheerio!


evilrOse said...

jaga diri,jaga harta dan jaga mata hehehe :p

boyarque said...

dang....tak sompek den, ahahahah!

Anonymous said...

ececeh korang,,,,

boyarque said...

eleh, jeles! :P